WM Ice Equipment: WM Shira

Battery80V – 450Ah (standard mode)
Battery chargerFronius Selectiva
Battery charger connection400V / 16A 5-pole
Power consumption400V / 13A
Weight when empty4,600 kg (basic outfit)
Water tank1,000 l (optional 1,350 l)
Snow tank3 m³ - compacted 3.7 m³
TransmissionContinuously adjustable electric four-wheel drive
Hydraulic oil tank50 l
Speed0 - 13 km/h
Tyres225 / 75 / R16 C6 rows of spikes
Wheel rims9“ x 16“


WM Ice Resurfacing Equipment: Compact

AC motor controller AC Curtis
Idle revolutions 900 rpm
Drive revolutions 1,900 rpm
Battery80V – 320Ah
Battery chargerFronius Selectiva 8040
Battery charger connection 400V / 16A 5-pole
Power consumption400V / 8A
TransmissionContinuously adjustable hydraulic four-wheel drive
Speed0 - 12 km/h
Snow tank 1.7 m³ - compacted 2.1 m³
Water tank 600 l (stainless steel)
Weight when empty 2,400 kg (basic outfit)
Tyres 175 / 70 R 14C2 rows of spikes


WM Ice Resurfacing Equipment Pinguino

Weight when empty1,100 kg (basic outfit)
Water tank340 litres
Snow tank1 m³ – compacted 1.25 m³
Fuel tank15 litres
TransmissionContinuously adjustable hydraulic four-wheel drive
AxlesSingle wheel drive
Parking brakeMechanical parking brake on rear wheels
Hydraulic system18 cm³ axial piston pump for drive, 6 cm³ work units + cylinder movements, 4.4 cm³ steering
Diameter of screw conveyorsVertically ø 175 mm, horizontally ø 170 mm
Tires5.00R12 83/81P2 rows of spikes
Wheel rims12“ x 5“ with hubcaps

Ice resurfacing machines from WM technics. A hub of innovation for what is probably the world’s best ice resurfacing machine.

WM technics has for over 30 years now been developing and manufacturing efficient ice resurfacing machines for use on every kind of ice surface. It is the combination of know-how, the courage to develop further, the pursuit of the highest quality and responsiveness to customers has brought our company its success: WM technics GmbH is today a world market leader in the field of high-quality ice resurfacing machines.

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