New Ice Zoo Wolli Creek

As the new project gets underway, please find below a few questions that have been raised by the local community.

Your Questions Answered:-

Will the Ice Rink increase traffic to Ann and Allen Streets?
The two current mechanical workshops (Legion and Songtec) and A2B car rentals have a constant flow of vehicles in and out all day. The new situation for vehicles will be likely greatest on weekends when the streets are quietest, thus unlikely to increase traffic load.

What is the impact on Street Parking?
At present, Legion Cabs Mechanical workshop and Songtec taxi repair service together with A2B car rentals combined use over 50 car spaces. 25 of these vehicles park in Ann Street. With all 3 of these businesses gone, 25 extra car spaces will become available in Ann Street. The new ice rink will have over 80 car spaces onsite so that all the parking is contained within the site. The new ice rink will actually create extra parking for residents on the street.

Why not drive in from the Pacific Highway?
The Princes Hwy is a designated road and with new developments, where possible, the entry must not be on the Highway.

Will there be increased noise from the venue and it's deliveries?
To ensure no noise to nearby residents, the building has been redesigned so that the carpark is now all on one level and is fully enclosed and so any and all noise will be trapped inside the building. The air conditioning services will be placed inside the building and so noise wont travel outside

Can the mechanical equipment be located so as not impact neighbours?
As suggested by residents, all these services have been moved away from the home unit properties and enclosed within the building.

Will long operating hours impact where I live and my quality of lifestyle?
The ice rink is a fully enclosed building that is thermally and acoustically fully insulated so that no noise will be audible outside the rear and sides of the building. There is a small possibility that some noise will travel out towards the main road, however this is very unlikely given the now 6m vegetation zone at the front of the building. The after 10pm activity is limited to small groups of athletes that train for their sport at the ice rink so that they can get clear ice for sport practice. The late nite ice time is needed to fit in around the earlier public uses.

Will an onsite Bar bring problems to the area?
The type of liquor licence is an On Premises Licence. This means that it is not like an RSL Club or a bar or hotel. The people are on the premises to use the ice rink. They may have a drink after skating to relax or parents whilst they watch their children skate. In almost 8 years at the existing ice rink, we have not had 1 single incident. All the staff serving alcohol are RSA trained and do not sell alcohol to anyone who is intoxicated.

Will the patrons be noisy?
Inside the premises there is noise from patrons, but this noise is trapped inside the premises. As people come and go they do so via the fully enclosed carpark so there is no noise escape. Unlike bars and Clubs, patrons do not loiter outside the premises. We are a destination building, peolpe come there to skate. If they have a drink it is incidental to the activity.

Will the car park reduce my privacy?
The building and car park have been completely redesigned – all the parking is on the one lower level, and it is fully enclosed, so there is absolutely no loss of privacy to the neighbours. The current site has a fully open car park, and so the new building design will be a great help and increase privacy to neighbours.

Can the car park be fully enclosed?
As the car park has been redesigned, there will now be no risk of car lights shining into bedroom or living area windows. The car park is now fully enclosed.

Is this a suitable development for the site?
The zoning for the site is a commercial zoning and is fully allowed within the zoning. The ice rink and building has been completely redesigned by the newly appointed renowned architects – SRH Architects.

Is the building too big for the site?
The new building is well under the height limit that is allowed to be on the site, and massively well under the allowable floor space that is allowed on the site. The new building design has been created specifically with the adjoining home units at the rear of the site in mind to sensitively respect the privacy and peaceful enjoyment that they deserve. The new architects have done a brilliant job in designing a beautiful and sustainable building to enhance and uplift the amenity of the area, and set a new benchmark in beautiful ice rink design.

Will the building improve the look of the area?
The current Princes Highway properties are in a poor state, and the look and amenity of them greatly drags down the value of the adjoining home units. The beautiful new design, sensitevly adds amenity to the area and sets a new standard that will lift the desirability and value of the adjoining properties.

Living in the units at the rear of the building, will machinery noise impact me?
As suggested by residents, all these services have been moved away from the home unit properties and enclosed within the building so that there is no noise outside the building.

Can the Ice Rink be made as environmental as possible?
This ice rink will feature over 250kw of solar panels on the roof which will fully service the electrical needs of the building during the day. The current businesses on the site use no environmental sustainability measures to operate on the site. The new ice rink will be the greenest and most sustainable ice rink in NSW when it opens. All lighting will be low wattage LED. The large roof space will collect thousands of litres of water which will be fully recycled and used within the building. The refrigeration plant will reclaim heat and reuse this energy with the premises.

Will the building works damage surrounding residents' properties?
This will be done as part of the development process and the home units will be surveyed and inspected by a structual engineer before and after to ensure no damage, and if any damage then that will be remedied by us. Unlike a tall home unit building on the site that was originally proposed with massive multi level car park excavation that would be sure to damage the home units, the ice rink building, with the exception of some foundation pads, is all above ground, and thus no likely damage. Plus a faster and quieter building process.

Could patrons get confused and walk into our residents instead of the ice rink?
In the new ice rink design, The entry points to the ice rink will be very obvious and at the front of the building and within the fully enclosed car park. The entry points will be very clearly marked so that there is no chance of mistaken entry into the 10-12 Allen St home units. The new design will be much more secure for 10-12 Allen Street than the current carpark adjoining the home units.

What about the mobile phone coverage?
The mobile phone company providors listen to residents, so if there is coverage issues, then they are the people to write to. The additional patron activity of the ice rink will help increase the population and so speed the response to additional mobile phone receivers.

Could the site be potentially contaminated?
A full environmental survey has been undertaken on the site with drilling completed to ensure that everyone is safe. The site will, if any contamimation found, be fully remediated.