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1) What is the smallest/largest size rental skate you have?
Our smallest skate is a size 9 in kids or double runners which strap onto your child’s shoes and our largest is a size 13 in adults. 

2) How old do you have to be to skate?
There is no age limit to skate. However, all skaters are required to wear skates so they must be at least a size 9 in kids or be able to walk and wear double runners.

3) Can I go on the ice without skates?
No. To go on the ice you must be wearing skates at all times.

4) My child is interested in starting ice hockey, where do I begin?
Hockey Development classes are on every Sunday morning for ages 5+. For more information please check Basic skating skill is required and basic gear is supplied. We recommend, prior to starting the classes, that your child take part in skate school lessons to improve their basic skating skills. Children under 15 can train with the Ice Zoo Hockey Club at our rink. Basic skating skills are also required.

5) What time do you close today?
We close at different times throughout the week. Please see our session timetable for our hours and Session Times.

6) Do we have to book for a public session?
It is advisable to book to guarantee your preferred session time but you can also show up and purchase your ticket on site.

7) How much does it cost to buy skates?
Hockey skates start from $159 and figure skates start from $199.

8) How much does it cost to skate?
Adults (15 and above): $24.
Children (14 and under): $22
Children (5 and under): $14.

We also offer a family pass for $60 (plus $4 skate hire per person if required)
Either one adult and three children (15 and under) or two adults and two children (15 and under).

Please note that ice-skating runs by Session Times.

9) Is there any difference in the price if I have my own skates?
With your own skates adults are $20 and children (14 and under) are $18.

10) Is there anything to help my child skate?
Penguins are available for hire for $8 from the front desk. They are used for support and balance for children while skating.

11) Do I have to pay if I’m not skating?
Spectators are free.

12) Do we have to come at the start of the session?
You can come at any time during the session.

13) What if I arrive for the last half hour of the session?
You will be only charge 50% of the total cost of that session.

14) Is there a place to buy food and drinks?
There is a café and bar facility, which is open every day. We serve hot food, snacks, sweets, hot and cold drinks and alcohol.

15) Can we bring in outside food?
No outside food or drinks are to be brought in. 

16) What time does the ice rink open in the morning?
The first session of the day is the figure skating training sessions and we will be open to enter the rink at 7.00am.
17) What time do the sessions open before each general session?
Each session will be open to the general public 15 minutes prior to each session.

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